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 Bundle #1  Bundle #2 Bundle #3
1. Sample Webpage 1. Sample Webpage  1. Sample Webpage
2. Hosting 2. Hosting 2. Hosting
 3. Domain Name  3. Domain Name  3. Domain Name
 4. E-mail Marketing  4. E-mail Marketing  4. E-mail Marketing
 5.No contract

 5.No contract 5.No contract
 --------Plus   --------Plus   --------Plus
 Monthly Marketing  Monthly Marketing  Monthly Marketing
 A. Local Magnetic Marketing  A. Local Magnetic Marketing  A. Local Magnetic Marketing
B. E-mail B. E-mail B. E-mail(4 per month )
C. --Radio Spot Mention C. --RAll foradio Spot Mention C. --Radio Spot Mention

D. Discounted Local Paper Advertising D. Discounted  Local  Paper Advertising

E.Discount Promotional Material E.Discount Promotional Material
All for All for All for
$10.00 —-per day $15.99—- per day $19.99—- per day


   What Is Targeted Traffic and How Does It Work?

Targeted traffic is pre-qualified traffic that is sent directly to your website through one or more mediums. There are a number of companies out there that provide targeted traffic services but the real value is in the quality of the traffic that they provide. Poorly optimized traffic or traffic that has been harvested through open space platforms isn't going to produce sales, just visits  Click Here for more Information


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